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**Please Contact Us Directly For Seating Chart Inquires**

Acrylic Seating Charts Range From $225 - $450+ Depending On The Size & Number Of Guests


If you are looking for a unqiue, show stopping seating chart for your wedding, you have found it!


These hanging signs are made out of a thin acrylic with two holes at the top for easy hanging. They cannot stand up on their own and will need to be supported by a copper stand or another type of display stand! 


If you are looking for a free standing acrylic seating chart, please contact us for a quote! 


Photography | Vivid Reflections Photography, Blackbird Photography & EyeKahFoto


  • Last Minute Essentials

    Seating Charts are considered Last Minute Essentials. This means that it is an item that cannot be completed until just a few weeks before your wedding. Due to the time constraints, we ask that you reach out as soon as possible to book your spot to ensure we will have adequate time to design and complete your seating chart!

    Please contact us before ordering a seating chart to ensure that we are able to produce this item on time for your wedding day!!

    Please keep in mind that if you do not reach out to us prior to ordering, we may need to cancel your order if we do not have sufficient time to design and produce your seating chart correctly.

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